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Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Ray-Ban sunglasses have been one of the leading lines of sunglasses for many years. Unfortunately, many replicas are being passed off as authentic sunglasses by unauthorized dealers and vendors, with the majority being sold on the internet. If you are going to be purchasing any Ray-Bans or have already purchased a pair, make sure you go through the checklist below.

Ray-Ban Sunglasses - Step 1, picture 1 Ray-Ban Sunglasses - Step 1, picture 2
The first thing to look for on your Ray-Bans are the overall quality of the manufacturing. There should be no spelling errors or printing quality issues on the packaging.

Ray-Ban Sunglasses - Step 2, picture 1
If the glasses are new, a cleaning cloth should be included. It should be made of high-quality material and should include the Ray-Ban logo. The logo print should also be of high quality.

Ray-Ban Sunglasses - Step 3, picture 1 Ray-Ban Sunglasses - Step 3, picture 2
Next, look for the "RB" etched into the left lens. This should not be painted. Pre 2000 models have the letters "BL" etched for Bausch & Lomb, who previously owned the company.

Ray-Ban Sunglasses - Step 4, picture 1
Next, if your glasses have a nose pad, make sure the "RB" is engraved on the metal piece in the middle. If you have plastic frames, like Wayfarers, you won't have this.

Ray-Ban Sunglasses - Step 5, picture 1
Next, make sure the "Ray-Ban" is printed on the right lens. The paint should be high quality and not sloppy or bleeding.

Ray-Ban Sunglasses - Step 6, picture 1 Ray-Ban Sunglasses - Step 6, picture 2
Your Ray-ban case should have a round golden seal on it, either printed or engraved onto the case. It should read "100% UV Protection - Ray-Ban - Sunglasses By Luxottica".

Ray-Ban Sunglasses - Step 7, picture 1 Ray-Ban Sunglasses - Step 7, picture 2
Most sites indicate that if it's not made in Italy, then it's fake. That's not exactly true. If you're talking about a vintage pair, then you can assume they are but if they were made in the 2000's, some models such as the RB3293, RB3211, RB3267, RB3386, RB3387, RB3183, RB3379, RB3466, RB8301, RB3016, RB3362 are manufactured in both Italy and China.

Ray-Ban Sunglasses - Step 8, picture 1
Next, search for your model number on the internet or on the Ray-Ban website and make sure they look like yours. Sometimes the numbers of the counterfeits don't match up with the real ones.

Ray-Ban Sunglasses - Step 9, picture 1 Ray-Ban Sunglasses - Step 9, picture 2
Next, If your Ray-Ban sunglasses claim to be polarized, check for polarization. Put the sunglasses up to a computer monitor and rotate them back and forth. If the glasses are polarized you will see them turn dark.

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