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Pandora Bracelets

Pandora was founded in 1982 by Danish gold smith Per Enevoldsen and his then wife Winnie Enevoldsen. After a successful wholesale venture, in 1989 Enevoldsen hired in-house designers and established a manufacturing site in Thailand, where it is still located today.

Since then a growing number of fake Pandora jewelry has been flooding the market. Below are a few steps to identify fake Pandora bracelets.

Pandora Bracelets - Step 1, picture 1 Pandora Bracelets - Step 1, picture 2
First, look at the overall quality of the bracelet. Make sure "PANDORA" is spelled correctly and all stamps are clear & deep.

Pandora Bracelets - Step 2, picture 1 Pandora Bracelets - Step 2, picture 2
Next, look inside the clasp. the bracelet should have "925" and "ALE". The "925" is the amount of silver purity (92.5%), and the "ALE" is the initials of the founders father, Algot Enevoldsen.

Bracelets that were made after 2011 will have an "S" (for Silver) before the "925".

Pandora Bracelets - Step 3, picture 1 Pandora Bracelets - Step 3, picture 2
Next, look for the crown above the "O" in "PANDORA". Pandora bracelets made after 2008 will feature a small crown above the "O" on the clasp, as shown above.

Bracelets made in 2008 and earlier that do not have the crown might be authentic. Just make sure it passes the rest of the steps.

Pandora Bracelets - Step 4, picture 1
Next, if it's a charm bracelet, make sure it has the threaded collar. This is used to keep the charms and beads on if the clasp is opened.

If you have a known authentic bead or charm, make sure it screws on the bracelet smooth. Make sure it is not too tight or to loose.

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