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Ticketmaster Event Tickets

Ticketmaster is an American ticket sales and distribution company based in West Hollywood, California. Ticketmaster was founded by Albert Leffler, Peter Gadwa, Gordon Gunn & Charles H Hamby Jr. in 1976. In the early years, tickets were hard to counterfeit due to the limited capabilities of consumer printers & copy machines.

In recent years, technology has given very high quality printers to the average consumer. Below are a few ways to spot fake Ticketmaster tickets.

Ticketmaster Event Tickets - Step 1, picture 1 Ticketmaster Event Tickets - Step 1, picture 2
The first thing to look for is overall printing quality & spelling errors. Make sure all words are spelled correctly, if not abbreviated.

Ticketmaster Event Tickets - Step 2, picture 1
Next, look at the website link associated with the event (if it has one). Make sure there are no invalid characters in it, like the one above. (The "/" in the domain name is not permitted)

Ticketmaster Event Tickets - Step 3, picture 1 Ticketmaster Event Tickets - Step 3, picture 2
Next, look at the date of the event. Ticketmaster does not use commas in their dates. Many of the fakes miss this.

Notice on the upper/right fake, the comma is in the wrong place even.

Ticketmaster Event Tickets - Step 4, picture 1 Ticketmaster Event Tickets - Step 4, picture 2
Next, look at the event time. A genuine Ticketmaster ticket should not have a space between the time and the "PM", like the fake above.

Ticketmaster Event Tickets - Step 5, picture 1 Ticketmaster Event Tickets - Step 5, picture 2
Next, look at the fonts. Notice the font difference in the "S" in "SEAT" & the "M" in "MODE" & "MIAMI".

Make sure the fonts on your ticket looks like the real one above.

Ticketmaster Event Tickets - Step 6, picture 1
Next, make sure that the ticket is printed on both the front and back. If you have more than 1 ticket, and the seats are next to each other, the serial number on the back should be in consecutive order.

In other words, the serial number for the seat next to the ticket above would either be 6757009 or 6757011.

Ticketmaster Event Tickets - Step 7, picture 1
This last step sounds a little crazy but there's validity to it. Ticketmaster tickets are printed on high-quality paper and react different to high heat than normal paper.

Take a paper clip and heat it up red hot. Set the hot edge on the corner of the ticket for a few seconds. If it's a genuine ticket, it will turn the front brown and you will see very little, if anything, on the back.

A fake ticket will usually catch on fire but will always show a burnt mark on the back side.

NOTE: Do this at your own risk and in a safe place where a fire extinguisher is available.

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