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Cartier Watches

Cartier was founded in Paris, France in 1847 by Louis-Fran├žois Cartier. Cartier is well known for its jewellery, wrist watches and eyeglasses. Below are a few ways to spot fake Cartier watches.

Cartier Watches - Step 1, picture 1 Cartier Watches - Step 1, picture 2
The first thing to look for is overall quality. Check all details on the dial for quality and alignment. There also should be no glue or dust visible on the dial.

If you see any of the issues above, it's probably fake.

Cartier Watches - Step 2, picture 1 Cartier Watches - Step 2, picture 2
Next, check all spelling on the watch. Pay special attention to the "Cartier" name. Many of the fakes omit the first "r" in Cartier, which actually will read "Catier."

Cartier Watches - Step 3, picture 1 Cartier Watches - Step 3, picture 2
Next, make sure the "Cartier" name is on the dial and on the case back.

Cartier Watches - Step 4, picture 1
Next, look at the crown of the watch and see if there is a gemstone on it. The gemstone should be set into the crown and not glued on it.

If you see any glue at all, it's probably fake.

Cartier Watches - Step 5, picture 1
Next, check the luminosity of the watch. Most Cartier watches use a substance called LumiNova to provide the glow on the dial and hands that allows you to read the time in darkness.

Most of the fakes are made with poor quality luminous material which makes the glow less bright than the authentics.

Use a flashlight on the watch for about 30 seconds to charge it. Take it immediately into a dark room. It should glow very bright, like the one above.

Cartier Watches - Step 6, picture 1 Cartier Watches - Step 6, picture 2
Next, look at the logo on the case back. It should be engraved so every letter can be identified clearly.

Notice on the fake above, the "C" can barley be seen.

Cartier Watches - Step 7, picture 1
Another test to do is check the water surface tension on the crystal. A smeared film of water will almost always pull together on crystals made from sapphire because the surface is smooth.

As shown above, water on the finger tip was smeared across the crystal. Within a few seconds the water began to pull together.

None of the fakes, that I know of, use crystals made from sapphire, so the water will not pull together.

Cartier Watches - Step 8, picture 1 Cartier Watches - Step 8, picture 2
Next, if the watch has a date display, check the alignment. The display should be exactly in the horizontal center. Check both the single digits (1-9), and double digits (10-31).

Notice the fake above is much too far to the right.

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