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XBOX Games

Unfortunately even Xbox games are not safe from the counterfeiters. Many of the games that are being sold online as genuine, are in fact fake. Below are a few ways to tell the real from the fakes.

XBOX Games - Step 1, picture 1 XBOX Games - Step 1, picture 2
First of all the printing needs to be of high quality. You should not be able to see pixelated resolution on the disc or the cover artwork.

XBOX Games - Step 2, picture 1 XBOX Games - Step 2, picture 2
Next, look for the hologram logo around the center of the disc. This should change colors when the disc is tilted in the light. Some counterfeit versions are just printed on the disc, so they don't change colors.

The fake on the right has no logo at all.

XBOX Games - Step 3, picture 1 XBOX Games - Step 3, picture 2
Next, look at the disc face. Notice the real one on the left looks mainly silver and reflects yellows and light blues. The fake one looks like a bluish purple.

XBOX Games - Step 4, picture 1 XBOX Games - Step 4, picture 2
Next, if you're buying the game new, make sure the manual is included. If you open it up and one side is empty, it's a fake.

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