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There are many fake Facebook profiles out there. Numbers released from Facebook themself suggests that 83 million Facebook accounts are fake. Many of the fake accounts are people representing themself as US citizens but are actually from another country and they are requesting money for various reasons.

Below are a few things to look for to avoid being fooled.

Facebook Accounts - Step 1, picture 1 Facebook Accounts - Step 1, picture 2
First, look at the profile pic(s). Most fake accounts only have one profile picture while real accounts almost always have more than one.

Facebook Accounts - Step 2, picture 1 Facebook Accounts - Step 2, picture 2
Next, look for timeline activity. If the user hasn't updated a status for quite a long time and hasn't been involved in any wall posting or commenting of other statuses, it means that the profile is likely to be fake.

Facebook Accounts - Step 3, picture 1
Next, do a reverse image search.

(1) Open up a new browser window and goto Google Images.

(2) Now go back to the other browser with the Facebook profile and reduce the window size.

(3) Right click on the profile picture and hold it down.

(4) While holding the mouse button down, move the pic to the Google search box in the other browser.

Google will show any matches of that picture. If you see it used with other Facebook accounts, you know that account is fake.

Facebook Accounts - Step 4, picture 1
Next, check out their friends. Look to see if their friends are local or global. If the majority of their friends are global, the account is probably fake.

Facebook Accounts - Step 5, picture 1
Next, look at their birthday. Birth dates like 1/1/XX or 12/31/XX are common between fake accounts. That doesn't always mean it's fake but the odds are about 1 in 182 that it's not fake.

Facebook Accounts - Step 6, picture 1
Next, pay attention to story inconsistencies. If you are talking to a Facebook scammer, chances are they are communicating with many others. Take notes of story details, they will tend to change as they elaborate and continue communication.

Facebook Accounts - Step 7, picture 1
Next, be very sceptical of early declarations of love. If someone you've never met, who lives thousands of miles away from you says they love you, it's usually a scam.

Facebook Accounts - Step 8, picture 1
Next, look out for recent wall posts. If you see a lot of posts with people asking... "Do I know you?", that is definitely a fake account.

Fake Facebook Accounts
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