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I just bought a fake Roger Waters ticket for Oakland ($200, craigslist), the fonts were different. But the replacement I had to buy at the venue does have a space between the time and PM; it is a ticketmaster.
06/11/17 06:19 PM
My tickets have a space between the time and the PM, does this mean they are fake? I don't want to drive 3 hours stay in a hotel only to find out my tickets are fake.
05/30/17 06:36 PM
I have three tickets but the serial number on the back is the same on all three. The tickets seem legit in all other ways - high quality card-stock, none of the other red flags.
The three seat numbers on the front are correct. I'm just looking for other consecutive numbers besides on the front :(
04/27/17 11:34 PM
So helpful thanx
01/17/17 08:58 PM
Does Ticketmaster always have a 16-digit barcode on online easy print tickets? I have a ticket that has an 18 digit code and I am wondering if it is fake?
12/07/16 01:52 AM