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Hi ..just got a prada bag from thrift shop..was hoping was real...but looks like its not ..from the info youve provided...thanks great info for future purchases
12/04/19 07:41 PM
Thanks for the help
12/04/19 12:29 PM
You just safed me from making a very expensive mistake. Thank you!
10/23/19 04:03 AM
I have a prada bag I believe the be authentic as it has most all of the markings of a real one you mentioned. My problem though is the stitching, mine is not slanted. Are there some prada bags that do not have this distinct prints? Thanks for answering
10/21/19 04:51 AM
I just found out that my Prada bag is fake but thank you so much. It would have been embarrassing telling people that it was real when it is fake.
05/26/19 11:16 PM
Thanks for help. I bought a bag from a charity shop yesterday. I bought it because I loved the bag, not the label. I believe it is a fake after reading your post, but I don't mind it's pretty and I love it.
03/14/19 09:58 AM
Thank you for the detailed information great identification process once again thank you
01/18/19 06:55 AM
I have a Prada and it has a one digit number (7) on the tag in the pocket. Does that make it fake?
12/25/18 07:04 PM
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