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thanks for the info now i can show this guy that mine are real.
02/06/18 09:40 AM
yeah I was scared if mine were fake because I spent almost a thousand in it but it real :) $$$$$$
10/02/17 08:42 PM
thank for information, so I can buy shoe jordan 12 with real
06/24/17 01:33 AM
Damn,my whole shoe was fine until you said the dates.Their not right.I guess I can deal with it.I don't go to school no more.LOL
02/24/17 05:11 PM
Just bought some fake ones... Maybe I can repaint the taxi?
02/07/17 08:53 AM
Mine are fake but I got some real 11
01/24/17 05:28 PM
After seeing this I now know that my ovo white Jordan 12s are fake
12/08/16 07:07 PM
Luv life
Whoo. I was nervous. Now I know they are real. Thanks.
10/09/16 08:35 AM
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