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Is my pochette fake if the serial code inside is R51980 and the tag inside is rounded at the bottom?
06/05/17 12:45 AM
Thanks for info will save and use this when I buy one
02/08/17 01:21 PM
I've been looking for a post like this forever (and a day)
06/27/16 07:17 PM
great thanks for info
10/30/15 08:54 PM
The best information was to look for the paint on the edges. It is on most of the fakes. It is the easiest thing to spot and I found that it is the easiest way to spot a fake, also the straps are most always sewn with more or less than the five required stitches. Fakes are pretty easy to spot. Know your 11 rules of fakes! They will save you a ton of cash!
12/22/14 08:27 AM
GREAT Information!!! Thanks :-)
10/29/14 04:05 PM