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I'm so happy,I know not to buy the one I looked at today ,it a fake ! Save me 900.00 dollars thank you so much for being there for me .patsy
11/22/19 07:01 PM
i bought a pocket book and i think is vintage No.8833313 Noatd881628 made in italy found that out by TD no stamp or tag only on clasp
10/14/19 06:06 PM
This a great information. Thank you
07/13/19 03:21 PM
Hi everyone. I have some questions... So I have a white Louis Vuitton bag and it has gold or something it clips together, and it has a bow. And the leather like thing is smoother the inside of the purse is super smooth, it doesn’t have any plastic, the stitching is even. Also the stamp is like it says REAL, but the sides and bottom they don’t connect the LV logo... I can’t tell I’m like 30/50 sure it’s real so I feel it’s not what I think it is. Is it genuine fake or real???
03/09/19 09:54 AM
Anonymous HELP Pl
Please HELP!!! I need to know about this LV purse!!! The date is X1618, well the only thing in purse I found that would be used as that. Does ther have to be at least two letters? Also the (Louis Vuitton Paris) inked inside mind you is scratching off in the lettering. This has to be fake!!!!
01/29/19 01:33 AM
To Anonymous: if the edges of the date code are rounded, yes ...it’s a fake bag. Plus, there is no such date code as the one you have.
12/26/18 05:15 AM
Should he inside be suede . I bough a used bag and your criteria is great all of the facts are real but inside looks like brown cotton and no zipper ion inside pocket
05/02/18 07:56 AM
Is my pochette fake if the serial code inside is R51980 and the tag inside is rounded at the bottom?
06/05/17 12:45 AM
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