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liquidation.com is notorious for having people sell fake phones on that site , samsung, iphone , you name it , seems odd to me they advertise on this site. just fyi people
11/23/19 08:47 AM
A big help for us who's planning to buy. Thank you 😊
11/05/19 11:00 AM
thank you for the info, definitely iphone user will be guided accordingly.
11/04/19 12:55 AM
So good news for new iphone buyers
05/17/19 09:51 PM
all checked. my device is authentic. this is very helpful. thank you.
02/26/19 04:54 AM
This site is helpful for me because my parents are going to buy me iphone 6s plus, now I know some deference between fake iphone 6 and real iphone 6.
02/17/19 12:32 AM
Ujwal A
I am buying Iphone for the first time , and the things you have posted is really helpful. thank you so muchhhhh .
02/15/19 09:42 AM
Great content mate. Wanna buy an iphone second from someone. need to check nicely
01/18/19 05:21 AM
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