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I tried to go to coach website to put serial number in. And it want let me. Where can i go to find my value
10/06/17 09:51 PM
FYI, having a serial number on the leather tag inside of the purse IS NOT an indication of whether a Coach purse is authentic. I bought a Coach purse from a Coach Store in Upstate NY 2 years ago and there isn't a serial number anywhere on the purse. Bought a Coach purse for my daughter this past Christmas online from Coach's website and it doesn't have a serial number on it.
05/25/17 05:30 PM
I purchased a purse on line thinkung i was buying an authentic COACH bag for my daughter. I received it...obviously a fake...it came from China absolutely reeked of ammonia and chemicals when i opened it. I was nit aware at the time of purchase it was from a CHINESE company. Never ever ever purchase items on line from China...the quality is poor...attempting refunds is difficult and what you might think is a good deal is actually junk...i have been burned three times during the holidays...😢
01/25/17 11:07 AM
Very helpful love the comparing pictures. Makes it so much easier
08/17/16 10:37 AM