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What if there are five numbers after the dash on the authenticity tag?
03/23/21 10:13 AM
I'm buying a coach bag from an online seller. Just wanted to know if coach has a little tag that says where it is made. All of my coach are from the US and it didn't have that little tag. She said it's authentic and made in Vietnam.
03/17/21 09:40 PM
Sabrina Hurlburt
I have a coat. Im not sure how to check to see if its authentic
03/07/21 11:14 AM
I got burned im such a butt naked suckered knee high to a bullfrog sucking on a lolipop dam fakes
02/10/21 03:22 AM
Mama Matsumoto
Thank you for all the pointers. I bought a COACH purse from a consignment shop and needed to know if it was real or not.....it passed all the tests!!!
Thank you
11/30/19 05:45 PM
Thank you for showing exactly what to look for either with the lettering of the C’s or the stitching. Now I feel confident when buying a new/used Coach purse/handbag.
11/12/19 01:31 PM
Going to buy one off internet, but now I really know what to look for, so Thank You !
11/06/19 12:42 AM
Thanks for the info it really helps ..
10/24/19 02:57 PM
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