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Mama Matsumoto
Thank you for all the pointers. I bought a COACH purse from a consignment shop and needed to know if it was real or not.....it passed all the tests!!!
Thank you
11/30/19 05:45 PM
Thank you for showing exactly what to look for either with the lettering of the C’s or the stitching. Now I feel confident when buying a new/used Coach purse/handbag.
11/12/19 01:31 PM
Going to buy one off internet, but now I really know what to look for, so Thank You !
11/06/19 12:42 AM
Thanks for the info it really helps ..
10/24/19 02:57 PM
Thank you, I bought a new Coach bag and it turns out it is fake.The side panels are not a continuation of the pattern. The authentication label is only stitched on the vertical edges and is back stitched on the top. It does not look like my wallet or other coach bag. The 1st thing I noticed was the zipper was not smooth and piping is not perfectly smooth. The zipper does not close smoothly but is stamped ideal. I have returned the item. Very disappointed! Thanks for confirming what I my little voice already knew.
10/12/19 03:07 PM
I bought a few Coach bags on Posh... The ONE leather bag I was almost actually convinced real,... Reading a few articles about "if there's no YKK on any zipper, it's a fake". There's leather ends on both zippers, but I thought it should be on the end of where the teeth meet. Nothing. Also, the leather tag first C, as in this article and tags.. The first C seems smaller and just different. All letters are not as raised as the REAL one shown. If there is no YKK anywhere to be found, could it still be real? Called Coach and they verified the serial number matched the bag but said they can't authenticate the bag. Neither would a store agent. Seems extremely odd to me. Also, dust bag is cream with brown at the bottom and brown strings. Not brown bag, white writing and red strings. At my witts end.
Another bag was a double C bag. All matched up correctly, even in seams. The serial tag is really hard to read. No raise in letters. I'm getting very frustrated. Any thoughts?
10/08/19 12:24 AM
Excellent Article! Thank you for the side by side photos also!
05/29/19 12:37 PM
E. Terry
Thank you, I found one and want to sell it on e-bay. Would HATE to sell a fake one as real, but would really hate to sell a real one as fake! Thanks for the guidance...
03/27/19 01:45 AM
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